Weekly Workout Report: January 14-20

It was a chilly week in Minnesota (and it looks like it’s going to continue like this) so I got in lots of treadmill running. Let’s get into it!

Monday, January 14


We had our first ultrasound this afternoon so I was planning on just doing spin class since we got home late. But, spin class was canceled (which I didn’t know until I got to the gym) and I didn't bring my headphones along so I came back home and did 45 minutes on the stationary bike at the apartment gym instead!

Tuesday, January 15

3.17 miles ~ 33:49 ~ 10:41 min/mile


Doing double duty on my treadmill run tonight! Listened to a pregnancy podcast while taking a run through Central Park thanks to Zwift. I even had a Zwift blimp sighting!

Wednesday, January 16

2 miles ~ 20:40 ~ 10:17 min/mile

Just an easy two mile run after work followed by some yoga. Between some soreness earlier in the day and feeling so hungry, I figured it would be best to cut my run short, stretch and get some more food in!

Thursday, January 17


Weights and cardio today! I've been having some growing pains on and off today so I had a slightly shorter elliptical workout and added in a couple rounds of cat/cow to help stretch out a little more.

Friday, January 18

Prenatal yoga with Vinnie after work on a very chilly day (I did my lunchtime “walk” inside at work which meant doing many small loops around the building). Even though my bump is pretty much non-existent and I don’t need to make modifications during yoga yet, I’ve been enjoying doing prenatal yoga videos for the last month just to learn what modifications I’ll have to make in the future.

Saturday, January 19

4 miles ~ 42:46 ~ 10:37 min/mile

Sub-zero temperatures this morning so I got in a four mile tempo run on the beach thanks to Zwift! Plus, noticed that I'm starting to fill out at almost 12 weeks pregnant.

Sunday, January 20

6.2 miles ~ 1:05:51 ~ 10:36 min/mile


Rocking the BibRave orange for today's treadmill run! I'm two weeks out from starting training for Hot Chocolate 15K Minneapolis and this 10K felt great at (basically) 12 weeks pregnant. Watch for a post later this week on what my race training will look like during my second trimester of pregnancy!

Pregnancy Update: Week 11

Baby Thiel is 11 weeks along and the second trimester is getting closer! We had our first ultrasound on Monday and besides seeing the baby’s heart beating, we saw some kicks too! It’s amazing how tiny they are still, about the size of brussel sprout but they will start growing pretty quickly now that all their major parts are developed. And now we won’t have another ultrasound until around 20 weeks (when we have the anatomy scan) so baby is going to be looking a lot different when we see them next. And hopefully, we will be able to find out the sex then too!

Overall, I’m feeling pretty great! I’m up a pants size already but don’t have a visible (to other people) bump. Mike and I can tell there’s been a pretty big change in my body already and it’s going to be interesting gaining weight after losing and maintaining weight for the last couple of years.

The biggest symptoms I’m having are feeling exhausted (hello 8:30 p.m. bedtime) and drinking all the water! I’m keeping a water bottle by the bed at night to sip when I get up and I’m drinking 140 oz or more of water during the day. I’ve also started having some “growing pains” on and off as my body makes room for baby.

Want to know how running has been going in the first trimester? Check out my post about it!