Quick Upper Body and Core Workout

Since getting pregnant, I’ve felt better doing shorter strength training sessions. I feel like I recover quicker and more easily, plus I can do slightly heavier weights than if I was doing a 30 minute or longer session.


Two areas that I’m trying to keep working on during pregnancy is my core and upper body. Since I don’t have much a bump yet, I want to make sure my entire core (including my back) is strong so I can hopefully avoid a lot of lower back or pelvic pain. Plus, the core moves I’ve included also help stretch out my back which feels really good.

Having a strong upper body is going to important with carrying around and holding onto the little one as they grow! Plus there will be a lot more upper body movement patterns my body doesn’t do much of right now when there’s a little one to rock, nurse and clean up after.

Today I’m sharing a quick superset workout that I’ve put together using some of my favorites exercises (and some new ones that I’ve discovered while doing some research into pregnancy safe core exercises). As a reference, I used 15lb weights for upper body exercises in the first two supersets and 10lb weights in the last two supersets and rested for about 30 seconds between supersets. Afterwards, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and felt really good, not worn out!


Superset 1

Single Arm Rows Eight reps on each side

Side Plank 30 seconds on each side (modify with a knee on the ground when needed)

Repeat for 3 sets total

Superset 2

Overhead Press 8 reps

Standing Pelvic Tilts 10 reps

Repeat for 3 sets total

Superset 3

Front Raise 8 reps

Standing Toe Touch 10 reps on each side

Repeat for three sets total

Superset 4

Single Arm Lateral Raises 8 reps each side

Bird-dog 10 reps on each side

Repeat for 3 sets total

Quick Upper Body and Core Workout Pinterest.jpg