Weekly Workout Report: January 21-27

The second week of treadmill running due to the cold weather and it looks like it’s going to continue for another week. But I tried to keep excited about my workouts by miking up my weights (including creating my own workout) and watching lots of Netflix. Let’s get into it!

Monday, January 21


Weights and biking at the gym because it was too cold for me to want to head out to spin class. Which means I’ll have to go the last Monday of the month to get in my eight times for January and get my discount. And it won’t be any warmer probably (although it will be warmer than Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday...feels like temperatures of -50 or colder are in the extended forecast).

Tuesday, January 22

33:34 ~ 3.11 miles ~ 10:48 min/mile

A nice treadmill 5K with the baby bloat making an appearance. I had to take a couple of short walking breaks but it felt good overall. Followed up with some stretching (especially for my back and glutes).

Wednesday, January 23

22:30 ~ 2.12 miles ~ 10:38 min/mile


A nice and easy two miles followed by about ten extra minutes of stretching. Cat/cow post-run is my new go-to!

Thursday, January 24


A fun upper body and core workout some of my favorite moves followed by 30 minutes on the elliptical. Still working on knowing my limits so I don't feel completely exhausted every day but it's getting easier!

Friday, January 25


Another Friday that was doing laps around the building at work for my lunchtime walk and prenatal yoga after work with Vinnie staring at me from the couch. And I still got in my 10,000+ steps for the day!

Saturday, January 26

45:17 ~ 4.15 miles ~ 10:55 min/mile


Four miles on the treadmill this morning! I'm hoping that I can get outside for a weekend run once Hot Chocolate 15K Minneapolis training starts on February 4th.

Sunday, January 27

53:09 ~ 5 miles ~ 10:37 min/mile


Does anyone else fall into a long run "uniform"? The second week wearing my BibRave tank for my long run and it's so comfortable. Plus these shorts are my go-to for long runs and races.

Run felt good this morning and I had a burst of energy after. So I thought today was going to be super productive. Halfway through my shower, I was exhausted and knew I had needed a nap. Oh well, at least I got in my run and cleaned the bathroom!

Pregnancy Update: Week 12


Not too many changes to talk about from last week. I’m looking forward to this return of energy levels in the 2nd trimester (which starts at week 14) because I’ve been so exhausted lately. I’ll feel like I have a ton of energy and then once I start doing things, I get tired pretty quickly.

I’ve started wearing some more maternity clothing (including bellyband given to me, along with a bunch of clothes, from a fellow Nuunbassador) and I’ve discovered how comfortable leggings are! They were so much better to sit in when we saw On Your Feet on Saturday than unbuttoned jeans with the belly band. I have a feeling they are going to become a new stable in my wardrobe (especially once we it’s not so freezing outside).