My Four Favorite Running Podcasts

I listen to a ton of podcasts (at least 50) and a good amount of them are running podcasts. So today I’m sharing my four favorite running podcasts!

Runner Girls Podcast

Runner Girls Podcast

Runner Girls was probably the first running podcast I listened to and ever since I found it I've been listening consistently. I don't even remember when or how I found them but I feel like I'm listening to friends each time they are in my ears. And they aren't "experts" on running but I love hearing their perspective on training, races, gear and all other things tangentially running related. This is also the podcast that made me think more about running my first marathon when Meagan was training for her first marathon.

The podcast has evolved to be more general health/fitness topics rather than just running as Sue and Meagan have moved to a monthly recording schedule, which is I’ve really enjoyed because it gives them more to talk about and it’s still super relevant to my training. Plus, they keep the same “friends talking” vibe that I’ve loved from the beginning!


BibRave podcast

Yes, I just mentioned the BibRave podcast in yesterday’s 2018 Favorites post. But it deserves another mention! I’ve been listening to the BibRave podcast since the summer of 2017 and it’s a great podcast. Tons of information about running and lots of fun topics. I’ve even re-listened to a couple of the podcasts because of the great information. (P.S. If you didn’t know, I’m a BibRave Pro now! Check out the current discounts on races and gear I have as a BibRave Pro and be on the lookout for upcoming gear and race reviews.)

Ali on the Run

Ali on the Run podcast

I’ve been listening to Ali on the Run almost since the beginning and it just keeps getting better! Like Runner Girls, Ali has this casual, non-expert approach to talking about running. And she does great interviews with people who I have never heard about before (a plus when it sometimes seems like there one person making the podcast interview rounds). I also love following Ali on Instagram (@AliOnTheRun1) because she’s keeping life so real as a first-time mom to Annie (plus Daily Annie in her Stories makes my day).


DIzRuns podcst

I love listening to DizRuns because, like Ali, he interviews a lot of people who I’ve never heard about before. Including a lot of trail runners which is always a great listen (although right now it makes me a little sad that winter trail running is not a viable option for me because it’s been months since I’ve hit the trails). I also love that he does a “quick” tip episode each week plus a monthly Q&A answering questions from the Facebook group. It’s a great combination of interviews plus information every week.

What are your favorite running podcasts? Share them in the comments!

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