Five Things About Cold Weather Running (That Makes Me Smile)

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Winter running can get tough, especially since the weather is so unpredictable in Minnesota. Last winter, we had cold temperatures and snow (including a mid-April blizzard) that made marathon training pretty interesting. But, so far this winter, we barely have any snow on the ground and we’ve had temperatures into the 40s for multiple days in a row. So today, instead of complaining about winter running, I wanted to share five things that I love about winter running!

Running In A Fresh Snowfall

There’s nothing more amazing than running was fluffy snow is falling. It’s like running in a snowglobe and makes everything magical.

Getting Outside During The WInter (Without Getting Too Cold)


With how cold it gets in Minnesota, some days it is just tough to get outside to get outside. If I just go outside to walk, even if you layer up and the sun is shining, I can still feel so cold! But when I run outside, I get the benefits of getting in some sunshine and exercise plus I keep warmer than just walking!

Not Getting Crusted In Sweat After A Long Run

The best part of marathon training last winter was that I was not crusty due to sweat like I was while training for the Twin Cities Marathon. There’s nothing grosser than trying to get sweaty clothes off after a 15+ mile run and I never had that problem during Eau Claire Marathon training because I wasn’t sweating as much!

Improving My Physical and Mental Endurance

Of course, winter running improves mental and physical endurance! Not only do you have to get over the fact that everything is frozen outside and you just want to curl up someplace warm with a blanket, but there’s also the extra work of running in the snow and ice. Keeping your balance and picking up your legs in (sometimes deep) snowdrifts is hard work!

Trying Out New Things

Even if I need to head to a treadmill during the winter like I’ve been doing a lot lately, it gives me the chance to try out something new. Which usually is a new Netflix series to binge (last winter was season two of the Crown, this year it’s been Versailles and Reign) but sometimes it’s new gear.


Like the Zwift platform, which I’ve been loving to give me extra motivation via virtual running routes and structured treadmill workouts! I don’t have to think about what my treadmill run is going to be, I can just click a button and Zwift tells me when to change my speed which makes the treadmill much less dreadful.

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