Hot Chocolate 15K Training Week One: February 4-10

My first week of Hot Chocolate 15K training is done! It was a big cutback from what I was doing (only 8 miles this week) but I know this will help me increase my mileage safely and comfortably. Let’s get into it!

Monday, February 4


After running outside twice this weekend, my legs were sore! So I did 15 minutes of lower body strength training and 30 minutes on the elliptical. I really wanted to do the Stairmaster for my cardio but they were all in use today.

Tuesday, February 5

2 miles ~ 21:33 ~ 10:41 min/mile


First run of Hot Chocolate 15K Minneapolis training is done! Starting off easy with just two mile runs this week, which is perfect because I have a very tight calf now and it's icy/snowy/cold out again.

Lots of foam rolling after my run, compression socks are on now and I'll be massaging it before bed.

Wednesday, February 6


A quick upper body and core workout followed up by the elliptical! It's so strange doing a Wednesday cross training session but it's going to make my legs feel better for tomorrow's run. Still working on loosening up that tight calf some more.

Thursday, February 7

2 miles ~ 22:14 ~ 11:05 min/mile


Two miles today followed glute bridges, foam rolling and a nap. Just felt exhausted today so luckily Mike could cook dinner so I could sneak in a quick nap.

Friday, February 8


Yoga with Vinnie. It was a short hip opening flow that felt amazing after the treadmill runs and walks in the snow with Vinnie.

Saturday, February 9

2 miles ~ 21:46 ~ 10:47 min/mile


An awesome feeling treadmill run this morning follows by bodyweight strength training! I felt like I could have run longer but stuck to my Hot Chocolate 15K training plan.

Sunday, February 10

2 miles ~ 21:50 ~ 10:53 min/mile


One last two mile run on the treadmill to finish up the first week of Hot Chocolate 15K training! Today's run didn't feel as great as yesterday's but it still felt pretty good.

Pregnancy Update: Week 14

I’m now in the second trimester of my pregnancy and still feeling pretty good! I can tell that I’m feeling more sore after my runs, even though I only ran eight miles total this week, but I’ve been bringing along and using my foam roller post run. The bump is also getting a lot more obvious, it’s very strange to look down when I run and see a bump!

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