My Favorite Pregnancy Snacks

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Even though I am not eating a lot more now that I’m pregnant, I am eating a lot more often! I used to just do three meals a day and a snack or two and now I’m finding it better to eat every couple of hours. When I was experiencing “morning” sickness in the first trimester, eating a little bit every couple of hours kept me from feeling nauseous. Now that I’m past that and into the second trimester, I’m finding I feel hungrier faster if I don’t eat every couple of hours and that a nighttime snack keeps me from waking up with a growling stomach at 3 a.m.

So let’s get into some of my favorite snack foods so far in pregnancy!


I’ve been loving the salty crunch of chips and pretzels, either as a snack or alongside a wrap for lunch or dinner. I’ve been rotating through a couple different kinds of chips but my favorite kind has been sweet potato chips. I have to make sure I don’t eat them straight from the bag because I’ll have a couple of servings before I realize how much I’ve been eating.

Greek yogurt with granola


Before getting pregnant, I hadn’t been eating yogurt much. But now it’s become my favorite morning snack! For the last month, I’ve been topping it with either fresh or dried fruit and granola from Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. Not only is this combination easy to throw together in the morning and delicious, but it keeps me full during the workday between my 5 a.m. breakfast and lunchtime.

Protein mug cake

Just like greek yogurt and granola is my go-to morning snack, a protein mug cake is my go-to bedtime snack. A couple of weeks ago, I started waking up to a growling stomach at around 2 or 3 a.m. and knew I had to start eating something closer to bedtime so I wasn’t waking up hungry. And then wandering out to the kitchen to have a spoonful of peanut butter. Lately, my favorite mug cake flavor is peanut butter and berries. Just enough sweetness before bed and no more early morning wake-ups because I’m hungry!

Food Groove Mission SuperFood Bites


Last, but not least, I’ve been loving my SuperFood Bites! I already did an entire post about why I love them but they’ve been the perfect pregnancy snack. When I’ve been away from home until right before bed and am too tired to make my mug cake, these tiny snacks are the perfect thing to make sure I don't’ wake up hungry. Plus I don’t need to eat the entire package because it’s resealable.

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