Hot Chocolate 15K Training Week 2: February 11-17

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The second week of Hot Chocolate 15K training is done! I went up to double-digit mileage for the week and got two runs in outside. But, I also got hit by a cold and had to take a complete rest day. Let’s get into it.

Monday, February 11


Lower body strength training and cardio on the stairmaster tonight! Had to adjust my feet a little bit wider to make room for the bump but everything is still feeling good.

Tuesday, February 12

3 miles ~ 32:53 ~ 10:57 min/mile


Working from home because of the snow so I got in some morning treadmill miles! Good thing I double checked my Hot Chocolate 15K training plan because I thought today was still two miles but it was upped to three.

Wednesday, February 13

Weights (upper body and core) followed by some time on the elliptical. Just counting down the days until I can't fit into some of my workout shirts because of the bump.

Thursday, February 14

2 miles ~ 21:56 ~ 10:56 min/mile

As @aliontherun1 always says, "positive splits for positive people"! I might have been 30 seconds slower in the second mile (snow packed sidewalks are not a pregnant runner's friend) but I got off the treadmill and ran outside on Valentine’s Day.

Friday, February 15

I took a complete rest day on Friday, just got in my 10K steps but no yoga even. I got Mike’s cold (started feeling it Thursday night) and it hit me hard. I was up so much Thursday night because I couldn’t find a comfortable sleeping position and I can’t take any cold medicine since I’m pregnant. So using the Netipot, humidifier, elevating my head, trying to nap and drinking lots of water were the only things I could do to help get through it.

Saturday, February 16

2 miles ~ 22:09 ~ 11:03 min/mile

Feeling so much better after a complete rest day yesterday because of this cold. Two easy miles followed by a glute and hips bodyweight strength training session was a great way to start the day!

Sunday, February 17

3 miles ~ 33:07 ~ 11:01 min/mile


Three awesome feeling miles, averaging an 11 minute pace for my long run of Hot Chocolate 15K training.

Even with a little bit of snow falling and wind, my Turtle Gloves kept my hands nice and toasty! Plus it was super easy to convert them to fingerless gloves to take photos.

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Pregnancy Update: Week 15

The bump continues to be present in my life (still strange to look down and see it) and with it some more hip/pelvic pain so I’ve been keeping up with my stretching post-run to help out. I got hit pretty hard by a cold Thursday but otherwise I’ve been feeling pretty good. We had a great midwife appointment on Friday and heard baby’s heartbeat. Our next appointment will be our anatomy scan so we’ll get a chance to baby again and find out if we are having a boy or girl!