January Running in Review

January was a cold month (getting down to -50F one morning with the windchill!) and I spent a lot of time on the treadmill. Let’s get into my second month of running while pregnant and how all that treadmill time went!

January 2019 Mileage.jpg

I only ran outside four times in January, out of eighteen total runs. That’s less than 25% of my runs outside and I am so ready to get outside and run! I’m not surprised that I ran outside so little because I already knew my two weekday runs would be on the treadmill due to early sunsets. But sub-zero temperatures over the last couple of weekends meant I was treadmill running even more. At least I’ve gotten through a lot of Reign (already into season three and I’ve mainly just been watching it on the treadmill this month).

My mileage went down a little bit in January and so did my pace, not surprising in either case. I had a couple of Wednesday runs where it felt better to run two versus three miles and overall it feels more comfortable to run at a 10:35-ish pace on the treadmill. February will be another lower mileage month as I start training for the Hot Chocolate Minneapolis 15K but hopefully, I’ll be getting some more runs in outside at least!

How was your January in running? Let me know in the comments.

January Running in Review Pinterest.jpg