Oatmeal Runner Reviews...Insight Timer

I was doing pretty good with daily meditation in 2018 until I got in the holiday season. Life got busy, self care took a back seat and I got bored of meditating with the Calm app since I didn’t want to pay the subscription fee to unlock anything that wasn’t the meditation timer.

But I found the Insight Timer app in late December and it’s been a huge help to get me back into daily meditations! I’m feeling more focused and less anxiety (especially around this pregnancy but that’s also been helped by getting past the 12-week mark) and I’m finding my thoughts aren’t racing as much right before bed!

How I Use Insight Timer

Most of the time, I do my meditation right before bed. No matter what type of meditation I choose to use (most of the time it’s a guided meditation related to either sleep or pregnancy), it helps me wind down from the day and clear my mind before I got to sleep. Plus, I’m finding it much more comfortable to meditate laying down instead of sitting cross-legged.

I’ve done a couple of longer meditations (around fifteen minutes) but I’m finding the sweet spot with ones that are five to ten minutes in length. Some of this is because I am doing it right before bed so I’m pretty tired by that time but also my mind starts to wander once I get close to that ten-minute mark. So by keeping it under ten minutes, I’m more focused on the meditation practice and my mind doesn’t start wandering (too much at least).

Why I Love Insight Timer

Insight Timer is the best free meditation app I’ve found yet. I’ve tried both Headspace and Calm, along with some meditation podcasts, but have found these options to be limited. Headspace cuts you off unless you pay after seven days and you couldn’t explore what they offered unless you paid (at least the last time I used it). Calm is similar, you can do the “Seven Days to Calm” series or the timer as much as you want but anything else is blocked unless you pay.

I haven’t found any of the meditations I wanted to use on Insight Timer blocked by a paywall and for that, I’m really grateful. They have a huge library of meditations that you can filter by topic, length, and type of meditation which is helpful when you know exactly what you want to do. Or you can customize your own unguided meditation with the length and sounds you want to hear during it (I find it helps to keep me focused to have a bell chime every minute with these).

If you are looking for an easy to use meditation app and prefer guided over unguided meditations, I’d suggest you give Insight Timer a try!

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