Hot Chocolate 15K Training Week 3: February 18-24

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Week three of Hot Chocolate 15K training is done and I had a slight increase in mileage. Plus I got in a tough run outside on the weekend and lots of gym time in. Let’s get into it!

Monday, February 18


Upper body and core, cardio on the stairmaster and some stretching post-workout. Feeling great starting week three of Hot Chocolate 15K  training!

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Tuesday, February 19

3 miles ~ 33:52 ~ 11:16 min/mile

Not the greatest run today, had to take walking breaks and I just wasn't feeling it. Of course, it didn't help that I was running in retired shoes (forgot to pack my usual shoes) and my sports bra is too small. Got through it and tomorrow is a new day.

At least I had a great foam rolling and stretching session after and Mike is making stir fry for dinner!

Wednesday, February 20


Another snowy day and another upper body workout! Even though I only used 10lb weights, the tank top arms workout in the NTC app had my arms shaking at the end. Keeping up my strength for carrying around a little one ❤️

Thursday, February 21

2 miles ~ 22:05 ~ 11:01 min/mile

A much better feeling run today! First mile was a little bit too fast but overall it felt really good. But I can't wait until I get to run outside on Saturday!

Followed this run up with a quick bodyweight workout of lunges, squats and bridges and some stretching.

Friday, February 22


Learning what it means to make room for the belly during yoga today! My lower back and hips have been tight so it felt awesome to do a prenatal yoga video focused on those areas.

Saturday, February 23

4 miles ~ 46:18 ~ 11:31 min/mile

Snowy paths and hills made for a tougher run but it felt amazing to run by the river again! Plus there weren't many other people out so it felt so much more calming than pounding it out on the treadmill.

Turtle Gloves continue to be awesome for my runs, started out with them as mitts and switch them to fingerless mode as I warm up! Want some for yourself? Use code TurtleBibRave for 15 percent off your order.

Sunday, February 24

2 miles ~ 22:06 ~ 11:02 min/mile

So glad that I moved my long run to yesterday, we didn't get much snow but there's 26+ mph winds and lots of Drifting snow. And despite feeling sore, this run felt really good. I even felt good enough to speed it up in the second mile!

Followed up my run with a glute and hip strength bodyweight workout at home while Mike got his run in. And Vinnie did nothing but lay around and nap.

Next week is a cutback week for Hot Chocolate 15K training! All two mile runs but it will really help my body recover before the mileage goes up again.

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