March Goals

The winter (although it’s been hitting us hard) is flying by and hopefully spring is just around the corner! So let’s see how I did with my February goals and what I’m hoping to achieve in March.

February Goals

10,000 steps a day

I’m hitting this every day, although with how cold and snowy it has been some days are cutting it close since it’s not as nice to walk outside. Plus, I’m realizing that my weekend steps are mostly from my runs. Since I’m not running as long on the weekends right now, I’m having to get them in in other ways (mostly by taking Vinnie out on some longer walks).

Daily meditation

Completed! Still using Insight Timer and loving it right before bed. Most of the time, I’m sticking to under 10-minute meditations but I did do one longer session in February.

Read 3 books

Again, just squeaking in on this one. But I finally got off the hold list for a book I had only a couple of chapters to finish plus I read two new books in the month. Here’s what I read in February:

  • China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan

  • The Sh!t No One Tells You About Pregnancy by Dawn Dais (this was a meh book for me)

  • My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh (my audiobook for the month and once I  got into it I couldn’t wait to finish it)

Start training for Hot Chocolate 15K

I’m in week four of Hot Chocolate 15K training and it’s a cutback week! So far, I’m feeling awesome during training and making sure I get in what’s on the calendar without feeling like I’m taking too much on.

Now let’s get into my goals for the March!

March Goals

Read 3 books (including one pregnancy related book)

This should be a little bit easier than the last couple of months, I’m almost finished with an audiobook plus I have a pregnancy-related book sitting at home to read. It’s just a matter of making the time to sit down and read instead of watching TV!

Stretching/foam rolling on cross training days

I’ve been doing really good with stretching and/or foam rolling after my runs and now I can tell I need to do it on my cross training days too. Mostly because the bump is growing and causing more aches in my lower back (especially after sitting all day at work) and doing just five minutes of stretching after cardio really helps it feel better.

Face mask once a week

You know that glowing skin in pregnancy thing? Yeah, I’m not at that point yet. Instead, I’m getting breakouts (yay hormones). I’ve found that using the Aztec Secret clay mask once a week really helps my skin be a little clearer and I’d like to get into the routine of a weekly mask. Especially since I skipped it last week and now I’m getting a couple of whiteheads popping up….

Get more runs in outside

I don’t have a ton of control over this but I’m being hopeful that we’ll start warming up a bit in March and have less snow so I can get running outside more. Especially since the Hot Chocolate 15K is on April 13 and it would be nice to get some runs with elevation changes so I know how it’s going to feel during the race.