Weekly Workout Report: January 28-February 3

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One more week down and I’m just about to start training for the Hot Chocolate 15K (plus heading into my second trimester)! Even though we had historically cold temperatures this week, it warmed up for the weekend and I was able to get two runs in outside. Let’s get into it!

Monday, January 28


Weights and cardio at the gym today. The lowest weights available were 20lbs so I had to make some modifications to make it work. I woke up at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep so I did 30 (hard) minutes on the stairmaster instead of staying later for spin class.

Tuesday, January 29

3 miles ~ 31:52 ~ 10:34 min/mile


One more treadmill run down but I should be running back outside this weekend! Until then, I've just got to hunker down and keep warm.

Wednesday, January 30

3 miles ~ 31:43 ~ 10:33 min/mile


Another easy treadmill run knocking out an episode of Reign. I'm so excited that it will be warm enough for me to run outside this weekend! Just the air temperature (without windchill) was -35F this morning and it didn’t get too much warmer so not a lot of movement otherwise today.

Thursday, January 31


Feeling tired today so I just did an easy elliptical workout instead of also doing weights. Tomorrow will be a welcomed rest day and then running outside this weekend!

Friday, February 1


Vinnie had to be right by me the entire time I was doing yoga. I tried a new prenatal video off of YouTube which felt really good (lots of back stretching) but the transitions were awkward so I've taken it off my playlist. Good thing I have a bunch more that I have enjoyed!

Saturday, February 2

4 miles ~ 43:52 ~ 10:56 min/mile


You know you're a Minnesota runner when it's 35 outside and you wear a BibRave visor and no gloves!

This was my first non-treadmill run in almost 3 weeks and it was rough. I need to work on slowing down going out so I don't overtax my body. Good thing Hot Chocolate 15K Minneapolis training starts on Monday and I'll be able to ease myself into some longer miles as I get more pregnant!

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Sunday, February 3

4 miles ~ 44:25 ~ 11:06 min/mile


A little bit slower but a much better feeling run today! Some slick spots but they were easy enough to avoid.

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