Oatmeal Runner Reviews....Food Groove Mission SuperFood Bites

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I love a good snack but it’s sometimes hard to find something that’s portable, healthy and delicious tasting. So when I got my box of Super Food Bites from Food Groove Mission, I was super excited. Especially since two of the flavors are right up my snacking alley (Holy Truffle Punch and The Nutty Adventurer). And I was not disappointed!

My favorite thing about Food Groove Mission is that was founded by a husband-wife duo who are active long-distance runners and triathletes who “believe in healthy eating and are on-the-go snackers who love portable and energy packed options.” And the entire concept of SuperFood Bites reflects this. I regularly used the bites for my pre- and post-workout snacks and they kept me fueled without giving me a heavy-feeling in my stomach.


Plus, the pouches fit perfectly wherever I need to have them for an easy to reach snack. Which, I’ve found out, is often now that I’m pregnant and can go from feeling fine to a grumbling stomach in no time flat. But I could quickly throw a bag into my purse to eat after a workout at the gym or store in my snack drawer at work without taking up too much room. And I feel so much better snacking on the bites than keeping candy on hand when I have that sweet craving!

One thing I didn’t think I’d love as much about these bites as I ending up enjoying is that each pouch is resealable. Now, I’m not usually someone who just eats part of an energy bar and then stores it for later. So I did end up usually just having an entire bag of bites before my workouts. But when I took them along for a post-workout snack, the resealable pouch was amazing!


Usually, I take along a bar or smoothie to have between my Saturday runs and grocery shopping. This also means I need to eat it as quickly as possible because neither are too great for eating while I shop. But the resealable pouches made it super easy to snack on the bites post-run as I shopped without risking spilling anything or getting my purse dirty.

Wanting to buy some SuperFood Bites for yourself? Use code "BIBRAVE15" for 15% off your entire order (one use per customer). I’d suggest getting a variety pack, it makes it so easy to try all three flavors. And even though I’m partial to chocolate and peanut butter, my favorite might actually be Mother Earth!

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