Four Simple Ways I Relax

Back in December, I talked about how I hadn’t been as great with self care and relaxation as I should be (especially considering I found out I am pregnant a the end of November). But in January, I did a much better job of taking time for myself and I wanted to share the four ways I did this!


I’ve been getting regular massages for almost two years and have had two prenatal massages since finding out I am pregnant (with a third one coming up next week). I love getting massages because it gives me time to relax without doing anything. I don’t have to think about anything specific so I can clear my mind and just enjoy as the tension in my muscles slowly go away.


It’s been so cold the last couple of weeks (even without the polar vortex) that I’ve been loving taking warm baths more than I usually do. I used to read or watch TV on my tablet while in the bath but lately I’ve been listening to podcasts or audiobooks and putting on a clay mask. Again, I don’t feel like I need to think or do something if I’m just listening plus I can get so much more comfortable than if I had to keep a book or my tablet from getting wet.


One of my goals for January (and again in February) was to have a daily meditation streak. I had a pretty good one going until December and I know it helps me to relax and unwind. And it’s helping me to unbury myself from the extra anxiety being pregnant has brought on. I’ve really been enjoying the Insight Timer for all the free (and shorter) guided meditations it has since I’ve been meditating right before bed and sometimes I only have enough energy for a quick five-minute session.


Yoga is the only thing I’ve been doing to help me relax that doesn’t allow me to clear my mind that much. And recently, I’ve been having to think even more because I’m paying so much attention to how my body feels. But my Friday yoga sessions really help get out some of the tightness I’m feeling (especially in my back) without the amount of pain that can come along with the foam roller. Plus, Vinnie enjoys judging me from the couch.

What have you been doing lately to relax? Let me know in the comments!

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