Hot Chocolate Training Week 5: March 4-10

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I’m still not convinced spring is coming but at least I got in two runs outside before we got another winter storm (both rain and snow this time). At least next week is looking warmer (although rainy). But first, let’s get into this past week of training!

Monday, March 4


Upper body and core day at the gym followed by some cardio on the elliptical. Everything felt really good after a cutback week in training and I'm ready to kick up the mileage again!

Tuesday, March 5

4 miles ~ 45:01 ~ 11:14 min/mile

Tonight's run was a rough one, I had to take stretching breaks every mile with my tight calves. Foam rolled afterward (which I had to modify with the bump getting in the way) and I'm relaxing with some compression socks on for the rest of the night.

Wednesday, March 6


Upper body workout (my arms were shaking just from 10lb weights!) followed by some walking hill intervals on the treadmill. Getting pumped up to tin outside tomorrow!

Thursday, March 7

3 miles ~ 34:43 ~ 11:33 min/mile

Trying to get in more miles before we get hit by 8-12+ inches over the weekend. Three today, followed by a quick lower body strength training session and some stretching to help with sciatica pain.

Friday, March 8

I got in a long walk (outside even) on my lunch break at work but didn’t do yoga at home. We got together with Mike’s family for dinner so I left work to get in a nap first and I was still exhausted by the time we got home.

Saturday, March 9

5 miles ~ 57:00 ~ 11:23 min/mile

Up early for a sunrise long run before this next storm hits! Five miles felt awesome and I kept pretty steady pacing. Followed it up at home with fifteen minutes of stretching to help with the low back/sciatica pain I've been having lately.

Just spending that time the last couple of days (plus using KT Tape for extra bump support) has really helped!

Sunday, March 10

3 miles ~ 34:10 ~ 11:23 min/mile

Back on the treadmill again to finish off this week of training. We got rain followed by snow last night so the sidewalks didn't seem like a safe option. At least warmer temperatures (but rain) are coming!