Oatmeal Runner Reviews...Nike Flex Trainers

It took me a couple of years to find my “perfect” pair of running shoes (which are Brooks Ghosts, I’ve done reviews on both the 9s and 10s) so it’s not surprising it’s taken just as long for me to the “perfect” pair of shoes for my cross-training workouts!


Because I do both weight lifting and cardio on my cross-training days, I’ve tried having two separate pairs of shoes and just one. I finally decided it’s easier to have one pair I can both lift (so they aren’t super cushioned) and do cardio in just I’m not running back and forth between workouts just to change shoes. I did try doing cardio in my weight lifting shoes (Converse All-Stars) but they didn’t have enough support so it was uncomfortable getting in even 30 minutes of cardio.

So what did I find are my perfect pair of cross-training shoes? The Nike Flex Trainers! They don’t have a thick heel so doing weights is super comfortable in them and I don’t feel like my body is out of alignment (especially important when squatting and deadlifting). But they aren’t completely without cushioning so I can also wear them for cardio on the elliptical, indoor bike or Stairmaster without my feet falling asleep or my arches bothering me.


Plus, I love the design of them! I know you shouldn’t buy a shoe just because of how they look but that’s what drew to me these shoes first (and then I did more research/reading of reviews on them). They aren’t obnoxiously bright which is nice because a lot of my workout clothes are bright colors so I don’t have to worry about clashing or being (as much) of a neon monster in the gym. My favorite part of these shoes might be that the soles are speckled.

What shoes do you love to wear for cross-training? Let me know in the comments!