Hot Chocolate Training Week 6: March 11-17

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My mileage went up just one more mile this week, which the most I’ve done through my pregnancy. It’s no wonder my body was feeling more worn out by the end of the day. But I switched to run/walk intervals which helped on my weekend runs and next week is a cutback week with warmer weather. Let’s get into it!

Monday, March 11

Upper body/core followed by cardio on the elliptical!

To help me reach my three books a month goal, I've started reading an e-book on the elliptical (right now it's Bringing up Bebe). I felt much more productive during those 30 minutes than watching Netflix!

Tuesday, March 12

4 miles ~ 46:06 ~ 11:28 min/mile

It might have been a soggy run and I may have been avoiding both puddles and icy spots but it felt amazing to run outside after work. I'm so looking forward for spring to keep on coming!

Wednesday, March 13

After a not great night's sleep and dealing with round ligament pain all day, I'm surprised that I got in 30 minutes on the elliptical and a (shortened) upper body and core session. Hopefully tonight's sleep is better because I've got three miles on the calendar!

Thursday, March 14

3 miles ~ 34:31 min/mile ~ 11:30 min/mile

I'm trying to take walking breaks every mile just to make sure I wear myself out at the end of three miles. It's tough mentally because it feels like a step back but I felt great after this run!

Followed it up with the Nike Training Club Glute and Hip Strength bodyweight workout and enchiladas for dinner. Plus Mike brought home French silk pie for Pi day!

Friday, March 15

A relaxing yoga session to end out the work week. Vinnie even started having puppy dreams on the couch, complete with woofs!

We also had our anatomy scan this morning and found out we are having a little boy! He was super active and moving all around as the ultrasound tech tried to get all the measurements/photos that were needed.

Saturday, March 16

3 miles ~ 33:47 ~ 11:15 min/mile

Three miles on the treadmill and I'm trying out a new method for Hot Chocolate 15K training, run/walk intervals! I alternated 8 minutes of running with a minute of walking and it felt great.

My splits were much more consistent and I felt so much better during the run. This will be an awesome strategy for a race at 24 weeks pregnant!

Sunday, March 17

6 miles ~ 1:08:31 ~ 11:24 min/mile

Finishing off the week with a six mile long run on the treadmill! Run/walk intervals still felt great but I'm glad that the weather is getting warmer (without rain) so I can run outside for my next cutback week.

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