Five Race Day Mistakes You Can Avoid Making

For me, race day is a stressful experience. Especially if I have a goal I’m focused on, it’s easy to make simple mistakes that can throw a big wrench into your plans. So today I’m sharing five common race day mistakes I’ve almost made and how they can be avoided!

Not Having Your Normal Food Pre-Race

This is a pretty easy mistake to avoid if you are doing a local race but if you are traveling for a race, I’d suggest bringing along your normal pre-race food! Whether you are staying in a hotel or with family or friends, you don’t want to rely on someone else to have the “right” food for you in the morning. Especially since you probably have to be to the start line early. Pack it along in a cooler and you’ll be worrying less in the morning!

Arriving Late

Always allow more time than you think you need—you won’t regret it! I plan to be at the race start at least 30-45 minutes before the gun goes off. Set aside your gear the night before, and plan your travel route (with alternate options because roads might be closed). Also, make sure anything that needs to be charged is the night before so you aren’t waiting around on it the night before.

Not Having The Right Gear

I like to lay out what I’m planning to wear the night before so I can double check everything is together and that it’s weather appropriate. Yes, I’m stalking the forecast for the week before and do one more check in the morning just to make sure something hasn’t popped up overnight. This is also a great time to attach your bib to your top so you don’t leave it behind!

Not Warming Up

One of the perks of not arriving last minute to a race is that you’ll have plenty of time to warm up. Even if you are waiting around in a corral, you can get in some dynamic warm-ups (as long as you are conscious of who is around you). Check out my simple pre-run warm-up routine on the blog.

Not Planning Your Fueling

You shouldn’t be leaving your fueling plan to just race day. Experiment with different fuel types and timing to see what works best during your training. If I have a race before my big goal race for the season, I use it to try out my fueling plan in a race environment.

What race day mistakes have you almost made (or made) in the past? Share how you avoid making them again in the comments!