Hot Chocolate Training Week 7: March 18-24

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I’m so glad this was a cutback week because I got to enjoy some gorgeous, easy miles outside and ease back into running with elevation changes. First week in months I’ve done all my runs outside and it looks like it should continue.  Let’s get into it!

Monday, March 18

Upper body/core workout plus cardio on the elliptical in this neon beast of a shirt.

I got it after the Bear Water Run 20 miler in 2017 but didn't realize their shirts were unisex so even a medium was huge on me. But now it's the perfect size to fit over the bump (with some room to grow)!

Tuesday, March 19

3 miles ~ 34:26 ~ 11:26 min/mile

Sun's out, bump's out!

A gorgeous, sunny day for a run and I should have left the jacket at home. But it's a good thing I had it because I had to take the Flipbelt off halfway through because it was so uncomfortable. An armband is on its way from Amazon!

Wednesday, March 20

Thank goodness that I have several tank tops that were oversized on me before. Now can it get warm enough for me to wear them on runs before the bump outgrows all my t-shirts? 😂

A quick, 15 minute full body strength training session and 30 minutes of walking hill intervals on the treadmill. Back outside to run tomorrow!

Thursday, March 21

3 miles ~ 34:26 ~ 11:28 min/mile

Another sunny, warm day for a run!

I ran straight from work and got in some time with more elevation changes. It made the run harder but still felt really good. Great practice for Hot Chocolate 15K Minneapolis which is coming up fast!

Friday, March 22

A gorgeous sunny day so Vinnie and I took a 45 minute walk after work! He could have kept on going but I wasn’t sure if I’d start getting any pain walking further so we turned around. But it was awesome to walk in just a light jacket!

Saturday, March 23

2 miles ~ 22:19 ~ 11:08 min/mile

Sunny miles followed by a quick lower body strength training session at the gym. My right side is feeling a little off (muscle spasms while going to bed, woke up to a major calf cramp and general soreness but it felt great during the run. Good thing I have a massage tomorrow!

Sunday, March 24

4 miles ~ 46:53 ~ 11:42 min/mile

Four miles for my long run followed by some time on the bike and stretching at our new gym! So excited that Mike and I will be able to workout together on the weekends.