March Favorites

March is almost over and spring is finally here in Minnesota! Hopefully it will stick around this year and we won’t end up with an April blizzard. But before we start a new month, let’s take a look at my favorites from this month including two TV series and a book.

Running Outside

Finally, after so much time on the treadmill from December through early March, I have had two straight weeks of running outside! Sidewalks are cleared (no snow, ice or giant puddles) and even though I’m taking it slow it feels great to be running outside.


I love a good historical TV show and Victoria is just gorgeous. I’ve never learned much about Victoria’s reign so it’s super interesting to be learning new things. Especially since this is a PBS series and gorgeously done. I wasn’t a huge fan of Jenna Coleman on Doctor Who but I love her performance as Victoria.

Call the Midwife

In my typical way behind in TV viewing way, I just started watching Call the Midwife on Netflix about seven years after it’s original air date. I’m already on the second season and am loving it! Again, it’s a historical series and I got sucked in from the first episode. Of course, I end up bawling during some episodes and depending on the episode I can only watch one at a time.

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

I’ve been on the library waiting list for the audiobook for months and I finally got it! Even though it’s YA novel, I just loved it. I need a nice, light read (or in this case listen) every month and this was it for sure. It was very much high school drama-y but I lived for my next run, or my podcast queue to run out, so I could continue listening.

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