Hot Chocolate 15K Training Week 4: February 25- March 3

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This was my first cutback week of 15K training. Most of my week was on the treadmill and working around some lower back pain but I got in a run outside before February was up. Let’s get into it!

Monday, February 25


Vinnie helped me out with some core exercises and stretching when I got home from the gym! My lower back was feeling sore by the end of the workday so I figured it would be best to skip weights and just focus on cardio, core and lots of stretching.

Tuesday, February 26

2 miles ~ 11:16 min/mile

Trying not to pay too much attention to my paces since it's feeling good. But it's hard seeing paces over 11 minute when I was sitting at sub-10 just a couple of months ago. Still, I'm grateful to be running still and am looking forward to getting back outside again!

Wednesday, February 27

My back was feeling better today so I got in weights and time on the elliptical! The weather is looking like I'll be on the treadmill for the rest of the week so thanks goodness for Netflix!

Thursday, February 28

2 miels ~ 21:43 ~ 10:50 min/mile

Two awesome feeling miles to finish off the month of February at 41 miles. I'm so glad that I was able to squeak in another run outside before we dipped back into sub-zero feels like temperatures over the weekend!

And my hands were kept nice and warm with my Turtle Gloves. I've been wearing them all the time and I never feel my hands getting cold. Use code TurtleBibRave for 15 percent off your order today!

Friday, March 1

Yoga felt great today since my lower back has been bothering me. Just enough gentle movements to stretch and release without causing pain. But not I'm ready to put my feet up and relax the rest of the night!

Saturday, March 2

2 miles ~ 22:10 ~ 11:04 min/mile

Starting off March with treadmill miles because it's too cold to run outside. At least next weekend is looking warmer (although snowy)!

Sunday, March 3

2 miles ~ 22:203 ~ 11:00 min/mile

An awesome feeling treadmill run this morning followed by a quick lower body strength training workout. And then fueling up afterwards with a pumpkin spice superhero muffin!

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