Hot Chocolate Training Week 8: March 25-31

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Finishing off March strong with another week of outdoor runs! Plus I got in a new strength training workout and had my longest run since early December. Let’s get into it!

Monday, March 25

Starting off week 21 of pregnancy with a quick full body weights session and cardio on the elliptical! I'm itching to get outside and run so it's a good thing I've got five miles on the plan for tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 26

5 miles ~ 59:22 ~ 11:51 min/mile

Training for Hot Chocolate 15K Minneapolis is picking up! Race day is just over two weeks away and I've got a total of 19 miles this week.

Thank goodness for sunny weather to run in once again! Don’t forget to use code "BRMINN19" to get a free HC armband with your registration if you want to join me on April 13.

Wednesday, March 27

3 miles ~ 35:02 ~ 11:39 min/mile

Over 60 today which made it 2019's first outdoor run in shorts! Temperatures are going back to normal so they won't be back outside for a bit longer but it felt pretty good.

Thursday, March 28

Power yoga with the Twin Cities Nuunbassadors (aka there was very little yoga and much power). My arms are going to be sore in the morning from all the planks, push ups, snatches and bent over rows! Even though I’ve been working out regularly, this was a whole different type of intensity.

Friday, March 29

Vinnie and I took a lovely walk around the lake after work today! It really helped with my soreness from power yoga to keep on moving plus Vinnie had lots of fun sniffing and watching the ducks.

Saturday, March 30

4 miles ~ 46:01 ~ 11:30 min/mile

A sunny but super windy run this morning! Thank goodness for my Turtle Gloves to keep my hands warm.

Threw in some hill repeats and even though I'm still sore from Thursday's Nuunbassador meetup, they felt pretty good.

Sunday, March 31

7 miles ~ 1:20:31 ~ 11:29 min/mile

Gorgeous morning for a run along the river! Less than two weeks until Hot Chocolate 15K Minneapolis and my longest run since early December.

Changed up my intervals from 8/1 to 6/0:30 and it feels great to get some walking in more often. Still had to take some extra walking breaks uphill but overall I'm surprised at my paces staying under 12 minutes at 22 weeks.

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