What's my plan for the Hot Chocolate 15K?

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My first race of 2019 (and what is probably my last race before baby Thiel comes in August) is this Saturday! It feels like I haven’t even been training for the Hot Chocolate 15K for long and now it’s just days away. So let’s get into what my plan is as I head into race day at almost 24 weeks pregnant.

“Taper” Week

Technically, I’m tapering this week but I will still get 10 miles in before race day. Plus two strength training sessions and a non-running cardio session. As I’m writing this, I have already gotten in an upper body and core weights workout plus cardio (along with my walking lunges for the April Nuubie Challenge) and I’ll have a three mile run after work. Here’s what is on my calendar for the rest of the week:

  • Wednesday: 2 mile treadmill run (because it will be cold, windy and rainy) and a full body strength training workout

  • Thursday: rest day with yoga (which I haven’t done in a couple of weeks since it’s been so nice outside) and trying to survive one last blast of winter while heading to the race expo

  • Friday: 2 mile shakeout run (hopefully outside!)

Race Day Plans

It’s going to much a chillier race day than what it was on Sunday for my last long run, the high for the day is 39 so I’m thinking it will be in the low 30s at race time. So pretty similar to temperatures for last year’s Hot Dash 10 mile (but much better than Hot Chocolate 15K Minneapolis weekend last year when we had a blizzard come through). Mike and Vinnie will be coming with to be my cheering squad/race photographers.

I haven’t put together a playlist for this race but I’ll probably use one from a past race (check out my Eau Claire Marathon and Hot Dash 10 Mile playlists). Since I’m doing this race for fun and don’t have a specific finish time in mind, I’m not as concerned about motivational music. Anytime I finish in is a PR since it’s my first 15K!

I’m in corral K for the race (15K is corrals J-M) which I’m pretty sure is on the preferred corrals since I submitted my Hot Dash 10 mile time which was faster than 11:30 min/mile. But I’ll probably end up finishing around 1:45-1:50 based on my 8 mile long run (so around an 11:45 min/mile pace). I will continue doing my 6 minutes running/30 seconds walking which is feeling awesome right now although depending on the hills I might be walking those.

What are some other things I’m excited about for this race?

2018 HC SCT-66.jpg
  • Chocolate! I’ve been seeing the delicious sweets other people who have run a Hot Chocolate race have been posting it looks amazing. Not only do you get chocolate at the end but there are sweet stations along the course that I will be taking advantage of (for “fueling” of course!)

  • The course! The course starts and ends by Boom Island in Minneapolis and is pretty similar to the Hot Dash 10 mile I ran last year. I love running this area in Minneapolis because it’s gorgeous and you get to see the Mississippi River along the entire course. And I haven’t run most of it (basically anything that’s not the miles 4-5 loop) since training for the Eau Claire Marathon.

  • Free photos! So many more races are adding in free course photos and I love it! Mike will be coming along the capture the start and finish but it will be great to have photos along the course (especially since I will be rocking a bump in my BibRave Orange at that point!)