Running While Pregnant: What's Different in the Second Trimester?

It’s been 12 weeks since my last running while pregnant post and now that I’m 24 weeks pregnant, how has running changed as I’m getting more visibly pregnant?


The biggest thing that has changed is that I have bump now! I’m looking pregnant (and I’ve already had my first stranger touching my bump experience) although it isn’t affecting my running too much yet. The biggest thing is that my tops are getting tighter and I cannot wear my Flipbelt anymore! Luckily, we are getting warmer so I can start transitioning into my loose tanktops (especially for my strength training days) and there’s enough stretch in my workout bottoms that they still feel comfortable without sizing up.I am pretty sad about not wearing my Flipbelt anymore since I wasn’t a huge fan of the armband I used when I started running. But it got to the point at 20 weeks where it was so uncomfortable to run with the Flipbelt and I ended up taking it off mid-run. So far, I haven’t had a problem with the armband being uncomfortable (plus I made sure to get one with a zippered pouch for my apartment/car keys) but I’m sure once it gets warmer it will get less comfortable with the sweat.

With baby boy getting bigger, it also means that everything is getting moved around to make room for him. And that, TMI warning, means more bathroom breaks on the run! It’s a good thing that I know where the porta potties are along my favorite long run routes since anything over four miles means I’ll be making a stop. I’ve gone from being able to run a marathon without a bathroom stop to needing two at the Hot Chocolate 15K last weekend!

One final change I’ve made to my running is that I’ve started doing run/walk intervals. This change also happened right around 20 weeks when I decided to start incorporating regular walking breaks. I started off with 8 minutes running/1 minute walking and am currently at 6 minutes running/30 seconds walking. It really is helping to take more frequent walking breaks so I don’t feel as worn out and I can still keep up a pretty decent pace! At this point, I’m averaging a pace similar to what I was for my first half marathon in 2015 but it feels a lot better to run at this pace now than it did back then!