Weekly Workout Report: April 15-21

Now that I’m past the Hot Chocolate 15K Minneapolis and have no race plans before the baby comes in August, I’m just working out to a level that feels good and am trying to keep myself active. Let’s get into this past week of workouts!

Monday, April 15


First time using resistance bands for a strength training workout! I did three sets of six exercises (squats, mid-back pulls, lunges, glute kickbacks, bicep curls and tricep kickbacks) with 12 reps for each exercise.

The first set was pretty awkward but by the third I had gotten the movements down and felt slightly more coordinated. I'm looking forward to using the resistance bands more for my strength training!

Tuesday, April 16

3 miles ~ 35:34 ~ 11:50 min/mile

Gorgeous day for a run, almost, 70 and sunny! Plus I ran into Mike and Vinnie on their walk so I got a post-run dog photo.

Wednesday, April 17

Weights today after work! I've been doing about 15 minutes for a while so today I did a full 30 minutes with the Better Basics workout on NTC app. Some modifications had to be made but it felt great to get in a longer weights workout.

Thursday, April 18

3 miles ~ 34:20 ~ 11:25 min/mile

A little bit of everything on this run: sunshine, rain and wind! Luckily I had my Hot Chocolate 15K jacket to keep me warm and out of the rain.

Now it's time for a little holiday break from work until Tuesday!

Friday, April 19

It was gorgeous weather so Vinnie and I got out for a long walk around the lake after lunch. Just part of our busy day which included a midwife appointment and glucose screening (baby boy kicked back against the doppler and I passed the screening test!), grocery shopping, cooking dinner and baking Mike’s birthday cookie.

Saturday, April 20

3 miles ~ 33:21 ~ 11:06 min/mile

Almost 25 weeks but my Twin Cities finishers shirt still fits over the bump! A lovely and sunny three miles to start out the week.

Sunday, April 21

5 miles ~ 57:49 ~ 11:33 min/mile


A little bit of rain but otherwise today was great spring weather for a run! Shorts and a t-shirt, birds out and that smell of things growing was in the air.