Oatmeal Runner Reviews....Venoro Running Armband

I’ve been using a Flipbelt for most of my running but I’ve gotten to the point in pregnancy where it’s no longer comfortable. The bump has gotten big enough that I would have to wear it super low and it just presses too much against my bladder even on short runs. So I had to order an armband for the rest of my running through pregnancy!

I had an armband for my first year of running and I remembered exactly what I didn’t like about it when I was shopping for a new one (because I hadn’t held onto something I wasn’t using for four years). A big thing was not having enough space for either my car or apartment keys. The armband that I got only fit a single key, which would mean now I’d be taking the apartment key on and for the key ring (since I have keys for the apartment gym and mailbox on there too), plus I don’t think my car’s key would fit since it’s a bulkier key.

But luckily, since I shopped Amazon this time around instead of the local Target store, I was able to find an armband with two zippered pouches which was harder to find than I expected. I bought the Venoro Running armband which is working perfectly for my runs. I love that I can put either my apartment or car keyring into the front pocket without taking a key off and my keys don’t jingle around while I run. Plus the larger zippered pouch makes it easier to take my phone in and out without feeling like it might accidentally pop out mid-run. Everything I put into this armband just feels more secure than with an armband I’d just slid my phone or key into.

One thing I know I won’t like as it gets warmer is how sweaty it will get on my arm in warmer weather. But it’s just something I’ll have to put up with to get runs in outside for the rest of my pregnancy (and remember to wash it so it doesn’t get super smelly).

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