April Favorites

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April has been a gorgeous month in Minnesota (even with another mid-month snow storm this year)! But besides that, it’s been wonderful weather and I ran my first race of 2019! So let’s get into some of my favorite things from this month.

Baby Kicks

I’ve really been feeling baby boy kick (and roll) in April and it’s the most amazing feeling. And a little creepy too when I’m not expecting it. Especially the rolling because it’s like a hard ball slowly moving. Mike’s felt him kick also and so has my midwife! At my last appointment (after I had my orange drink for glucose screening), she was checking his heart rate with the doppler and he kicked back against it twice.

AfterShokz Trekz Airs

I got my AfterShokz Trekz Airs in the mail to test out earlier this week and I am already loving them. Not only do they make me feel safer on the run because I’m more aware of my surroundings but they are also awesome for my early morning walks with Vinnie. I can easily hear traffic and be more aware of my surroundings even in the early morning light, plus I get to hear all the bird noises that I miss out on wearing other headphones.

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Not Having to Wear A Coat

The best part of this weather is that I’m rarely wearing a coat! Usually, it’s my Hot Chocolate 15K jacket if I need to through something on (since it’s the only light jacket fitting over the bump now) but it feels so great not to be bundled up under layers. I get the sunshine on my arms now!

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