Weekly Workout Report: April 22-28

Another busy week even though I was off of work on Monday, we went to two weeknight sports games. Some rough runs this week as my body continues to change during pregnancy but let’s get into this week’s workouts!

Monday, April 22

I'm off of work today so I got my workout in early! Four rounds of the resistance band workout I did last week (but switched in a hip circle for squats) and cardio on the elliptical.

I'm surprised that my arms are looking pretty much the same even though I've gained about 20 lbs so far. Keeping up strength training is doing me good!

Tuesday, April 23

3 miles ~ 35:42 ~ 11:52 min/mile

First run using my AfterShokz Trekz Airs and I loved them! No problems hearing my audiobook (currently listening to The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah) while being able to hear everything around me. Talk about feeling safe on the run!

Today's run was a little rough, tight calves and cramping feet weren't a great combination. So there were some more walking breaks and I'm currently wearing my compression socks to help.

Wednesday, April 24

Just a quick resistance band workout before the Minnesota United game! Less than 30 minutes in total but getting in some movement after work felt great.

Thursday, April 25

3 miles ~ 36:16 ~ 12:05 min/mile

Sore legs and feet on the run calls for extra stretching after. Thank goodness for sunshine and warm weather so I could do it outside!

Slower on today's run, not surprising between the soreness, the warmer temperatures and the 20lbs I've gained since finding out I was pregnant. Switching my intervals from 6 minutes of running to just 4 and it felt a lot better.

Friday, April 26

I’ve really gotten out of doing yoga in April because the weather has been so nice! A couple of walks today plus we went to a Twins game (it was our week of sports game apparently).

Saturday, April 27

3 miles ~ 34:04 ~ 11:20 min/mile

Cooler weather this morning (had to pull out the Turtle Gloves) but it felt so much better and the rain never came! Ran easily through each four minute interval and didn't feel like I needed a nap right after this run.

Sunday, April 28

5 miles ~ 59:28 ~ 11:53 min/mile

Morning miles in before heading to Austin for work this afternoon. It's going to be a couple of busy days so I won't be running until Wednesday (so I have one less pair of shoes to bring along). Thankfully, the hotel has a pretty decent looking gym!

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