March Running in Review

March was an awesome month for running! My mileage went up to 66 for the month as I’m getting close to Hot Chocolate 15K Minneapolis and eleven of my eighteen runs were outside. It’s feeling so great not to be stuck on the treadmill!

March 2019 Mileage.jpg

One big thing I changed up this month was doing run/walk intervals instead of just running until I needed to take a walking break. I started off with 8/1 and now am doing 6/0:30 intervals which feel so good. I’m still taking some other walking breaks during my run intervals (mostly when I’m going uphill) but it’s making running at 22 weeks so much more comfortable.

I also made a change to my running in that I’m no longer wearing my Flipbelt! I had to order an armband on Amazon because it was getting really uncomfortable to wear the Flipbelt with the growing bump. It feels really strange not to have anything around my waist anymore but it didn’t take too long for me to get used to the armband. Plus, since I got a zippered one, I can just throw my full set of car keys into it without worrying!

How was your March in running? Let me know in the comments.

March 2019 Running in Review  Pinterest.jpg