Hot Chocolate Training Week 9: April 1 - 7

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One last week of high mileage training before tapering before Hot Chocolate 15K Minneapolis! It was an ok week for running, my weekend runs felt a lot better than my weekday ones, but I did get to our enjoy our new (much nicer) gym that we have a membership to. Let’s get into it!

Monday, April 1

Day one of the April Nuubie Challenge so I got in my 40 static lunges (on each leg) after my upper body and core workout. My legs weren't feeling bad after yesterday's seven miles but getting on the elliptical after those lunges is another story!

Tuesday, April 2

5 miles ~ 56:51 ~ 11:22 min/mile

"Just keep showing up" — Des Linden

Showing up today meant getting in some miles with 20mph winds and a 50% chance of rain. It meant throwing on my BibRave visor and last year's Eau Claire Marathon playlist to beat the weather.

But it also meant a great feeling 5 miles (including my first mile being 10:18 at 22 weeks pregnant with the wind at my back), starting off and ending with a little bit of rain but sunshine in between. You never know what the run will bring!

Wednesday, April 3

New month, new gym! A little crunched for time since it's a longer drive but I got in a great upper body workout (plus my  Nuubie Challenge lunges) and some time on the spin bike.

Thursday, April 4

3 miles ~ 35:04 ~ 11:40 min/mile

Tired run today. Not just on tired legs but a tired body. Not surprising since this is the second week of higher mileage and I didn't sleep my usual amount last night. Plus baby boy keeps on moving and growing.

But it felt good to get outside and tomorrow will be a gorgeous day for a long walk with Vinnie.

Friday, April 5

Friday wasn’t the day we expected it to be, Mike’s grandma passed so we spent the morning with his family and then the afternoon together. I did end up doing my Nuubie Challenge lunges and getting a long walk by myself while Mike and Vinnie cuddled on the couch. By the end of the night, I was realizing I should have done some yoga too since my back was sore but Mike rubbed my back so it would feel better.

Saturday, April 6

4 miles ~ 45:08 ~ 11:16 min/mile

One week until Hot Chocolate 15K Minneapolis and today's run felt great! Even managed to power up some hills in the drizzle. One more long run tomorrow (eight miles) and then a short taper before race day.

Sunday, April 7

8 miles ~ 1:33:15 ~ 11:39 min/mile

Last long run before Hot Chocolate 15K Minneapolis!

The last time I ran eight miles was the same day I got my positive pregnancy test, the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Today's run was slower (and almost 60) but I'm so grateful to be running at 23 weeks.

It's hard to believe that the last time I ran this distance, I was barely pregnant. And today, I got treated to a kick fest right after breakfast.

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