Second Trimester Recap

Happy Mother’s Day! Tomorrow marks the start of week 28 of my pregnancy and the start of the third trimester (plus our two year wedding anniversary). We are getting into the home stretch! So I thought it was time for another update on how the last 13 weeks of pregnancy have gone.

If you want to know how running has gone in the second trimester, I’ve done an entire post on it already. Check it out! You can also read my recap from the first trimester of pregnancy.

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How I Felt During the Second Trimester

I still get pretty tired but I have slightly more energy than in the first trimester. I’m still taking all the naps I can (especially on the weekends) but it’s a little bit easier staying up past 9 p.m. if I need to. However, I’m still trying to be in bed by 9 p.m. most nights since there are times where I wake up three times during the night and I need all the rest I can get.

My thirst level has gone down a lot in the second trimester. I’m still drinking over 100 oz but I don’t feel the need to be constantly drinking water all day long. Which is nice because I don’t feel like I’m making any more trips to the bathroom than in the first trimester even though baby boy is getting bigger and sometimes likes to relax on (or kick) my bladder.

A big symptom I’m feeling in the second trimester is a lot more aches and soreness. I did a 15-minute kettlebell workout on Monday and I was so sore Tuesday and Wednesday which hasn’t happened before! I’m also feeling back achiness in general so I’m trying to keep moving on a regular basis and Mike is helping me out by rubbing my back at night. I’m also getting back into a more regular yoga practice in May so hopefully that helps out too!


Overall, I’m still eating pretty much the same in the second trimester as I did in the first. Trying to get in all the vegetables I can, just a little bit more food than I was before.

However, my sweet tooth has gone into overdrive this trimester. Anything sweet in the apartment or office I am drawn to and tend to munch on. Which meant that when Mike brought home Game of Throne Oreos...I might have eaten most of them on my own. Not all at once but I don’t think Mike had that many of them during the week it took for me to finish them. So I’m trying to balance out my sweet tooth by getting a lot of vegetables plus trying to eat more fruit instead of snacking on treats.

Body Changes

I’m really looking pregnant at this point and I can no longer fit into any of my size small non-maternity shirts. I was putting any clothes that I couldn’t wear any longer into paper bags but there’s no more room for them on the closet floor so I re-arranged my side of the closet to put all my maternity clothing at the front to make them easier to grab. Luckily, most of my workout clothes still fit me fine, except that I’ve had to replace half of my sports bras. However, I’ve been managing to hit Target when sports bras are on sale so I haven’t had to pay full price for the new ones.

Week 13

Week 13

Week 27

Week 27

I’m up about 25 lbs so far which still puts me right in the healthy weight gain range. I feel like recently, more of it has been water retention/weight gain (although said sweet tooth hasn’t been helping out). I’ve been wearing compression socks every couple of days at night to help out with swelling (and the soreness in my calves) so it doesn’t seem like a noticeable amount. And my shoes are still fitting fine, just getting harder bend over and put them on!

What Excited Me During the Second Trimester

What I was most excited about in the second trimester was having our anatomy scan and starting to feel baby movements! Even though it was such a long anatomy scan (over 70 minutes because baby kept on moving), it was great to see him again and know that everything was developing just fine. Plus we found out we are having a little boy and could start saying he and him!

I didn’t start feeling definite movements until about 21 weeks (although looking back I was feeling some of the bigger movements before then but it was just hard to tell) and at this point, he has regular points during the day where he’s more active. Mostly after meals and then about 8 p.m. at night (which was real fun on the flight back from Austin when he decided to kick and roll for two hours straight).

Besides feeling the kicks and rolls (Miek has gotten to feel kicks as well!), his movements are starting to be visible if you know what you are looking for plus we’re able to feel little baby parts sticking out of the bump. We can’t tell if it’s a baby head or bottom we’re feeling at this point but 99% of the time he’s right in the middle of my bump right around the belly button.

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