Weekly Workout Report: May 6-12

Another week down and my last week of workouts in the second trimester. Let’s get into how it went!

Monday, May 6

Continuing to mix up my strength training and challenge myself as the third trimester gets closer! Today, I tried a kettlebell workout for the first time and it was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be.

Tuesday, May 7

2 miles ~ 23:16 ~ 11:35 min/mile

Cut my run short today since I was feeling really sore from yesterday's kettlebell workout. Still got in some quality "me" time after work listening to a podcast about fetal development in the third trimester (which starts for me on Monday!).

Wednesday, May 8


Still sore from Monday's kettlebell workout so no weights today, just some time on the fancy new elliptical they put in at the apartment gym!

Thursday, May 9

3 miles ~ 35:05 ~ 11:40 min/mile

Soreness is gone and today's run felt awesome! Perfect running weather with temps right around 50 and partly sunny skies.

Friday, May 10

Vinnie and I got in a two mile walk after work to continue the BibRave Run Streak and then a quick 10 minute prenatal yoga video. I’m finding that it is a lot easier for me to these shorter videos rather than trying to pay attention to something that’s 20 or 30 minutes long.

Saturday, May 11

3 miles ~ 35:49 ~ 11:53 min/mile


A gorgeous sunny morning for a run before we celebrate our anniversary and Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 12

5 miles ~ 59:59 ~ 11:58 min/mile

Gorgeous morning for a run once again. Plus everything is starting to bloom!

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