Here's why you should run Big Foot Tri

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Are you looking to mix up your racing this summer? Why not check out Big Foot Tri in Lake Geneva, WI June 22 and 23? Here’s some quick reasons why I think this race looks awesome (why I’d love to run it in the future)!

Multiple Trail Race Options

There are five different race options over the two days, which is awesome for customizing your race weekend experience. Plus, it’s trail running which I love (and cannot wait to get back to once I’m cleared to after giving birth)! And one of the triathlon options is relay so you can get some friends together for a race-cation.

  • 5K Trail Run

  • 10K Trail Run

  • Olympic Triathlon

  • Sprint Triathlon

  • Triathlon Relay

State Park Location

I love state parks and now that I’ve gotten into trail running I love running in state parks. Big Foot Tri takes place in Big Foot Beach State Park and while I haven’t visited there yet, the photos online look gorgeous. So not only can you have a fun day (or two) of racing, you can camp, hike and swim post-race.

Free Photos

I love when races offer free photos and it’s becoming more and more common. So a big plus to Big Foot Tri is that they have free photos! Especially since it looks so scenic, it would be great to have photos to remember your race afterwards if this is your first trail race or triathlon.

Early Summer Weather

Minnesota and Wisconsin have pretty similar weather so I know that late June is gorgeous running weather. High temperatures are in the mid-70s and there’s basically no chance of snow. Plus, everything will be green and growing which will help get you energized to finish strong.

Ready to register for the Big Foot Tri? Make sure to use code "BRBFT19" for a FREE stainless steel water bottle!

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