My Favorite Prenatal Yoga Videos

I’ve been getting back into a regular yoga practice in May and it’s been helping out with the pregnancy aches and pains I’ve been feeling lately. So today I’m sharing a couple of my favorite prenatal yoga videos!

Postures to Create Space in the Body

This month, I’ve been loving shorter yoga sessions so this is quick 10 minute video that feels amazing. Especially after a week working at a computer all day long!

Prenatal Bedtime Yoga Routine

I’ve done this at bedtime once but I love doing it after work because it’s a nice, calming flow that gets me relaxed. Although, I do enjoy that if I wanted to, I could do it in pjs!

Sciatica Exercises

This isn’t a yoga specific video but it was so helpful when I started feeling sciatica pain in the second trimester and I still add in some of the exercises into my stretching post-workout to keep that pain from reoccurring.

Pregnancy Yoga Episode 1

Finally, one more short video that I’ve been loving lately. I seriously don’t have the attention span on Fridays to do 30+ minute yoga videos so I’m so excited I found a couple of 10-15 minute videos.

Check out my full prenatal yoga playlist on Youtube!