Weekly Workout Report: May 13-19

The week started off warm, got hot and then ended cold and rainy. It was quite a lot of weather changes and it meant I changed up my running and workouts. Let’s get into it!

Monday, May 13

Kettlebells for a second time at the gym, we'll see if I get as sore as I did last week or not!

Tuesday, May 14

2 miles ~ 23:52 ~ 11:53 min/mile

Even though it was in the mid-70s, running outside felt great with the breeze! I did carry water with me since I wouldn't come across any water fountains and took some sips on my walking breaks.

I did end up cutting this run short at two miles because my calves were tightening up so much. I tried stretching them and they'd be OK for a little bit. Hopefully foam rolling, stretching and compression socks will help out!

Wednesday, May 15

A short, ten minute upper body weights workout followed by walking treadmill hill intervals after work!

Thursday, May 16

2 miles ~ 23:45 ~ 11:51 min/mile

A warm day for sure! My calves cramped less but my legs are swollen from a combination of pregnancy and heat so I opted for just two miles.

Friday, May 17

Mike, Vinnie and I took a walk after work together plus I did a relaxing bedtime yoga flow. It felt so nice to slow it down and just do some simple movements to stretch out my back and hips.

Saturday, May 18

3 miles ~ 35:44 ~ 11:54 min/mile

3 miles on the indoor track at the J. First time running on the indoor track and for a shorter distance, I preferred it to the treadmill!

Sunday, May 19

3 miles ~ 47:36 ~ 11:54 min/mile

Rainy and cold outside so more indoor track miles while Mike played pickleball. But I had negative splits for the first time in a while!

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