May Favorites

We are getting closer and closer to summer! Lucky for me, we aren’t getting super hot like last May where we were in the 90s over Memorial Day weekend. My legs and feet are starting to swell form pregnancy and the days we’ve hit 70°+ just make it worse. So let’s get into three of my favorite things from this month.

Finishing knitting projects


I’ve been on a streak with finishing knitting projects in May! I finished a 3-6 month size cardigan for baby boy plus a cardigan and pair of socks for myself! Plus I’m so close to finishing my scrap blanket and I’m past the yoke on a colorwork sweater for baby boy.


Over the winter, most of the fruit I was eating were bananas and mixed berries since they weren’t super expensive. So I’m glad that other fruits are coming into season so I can start snacking on those! The end of May has been a pear a day for me, they are just perfect right now plus they last for a couple of weeks so I don’t have to worry about them going bad.

Compression socks

As I’ve gotten into the third trimester, my legs and feet have started swelling more, cramping up and just being sore in general. So I’ve been trying to wear my PRO Compression socks after work as much as possible to help relieve some of this (along with extra water, propping up my legs and magnesium and calcium supplements at night). It’s a good thing I have five different pairs!