Weekly Workout Report May 20-26

Another busy week between work, another Minnesota United game and getting the apartment ready for baby Thiel! I’m feeling more worn out after my workouts now but am still feeling really good during them. Let’s get into this week of workouts.

Monday, May 20


Kettlebell workout and a quick 20 minutes of walking treadmill hill intervals after work. I didn't feel tired right after but the second I got home I was exhausted. Time to relax with my feet up!

Tuesday, May 21

3 miles ~ 34:25 ~ 11:25 min/mile

Back outside for a run! It was cooler than last week but windy and drizzling. But I got in three miles and my legs didn't feel tight so it was a win.

Wednesday, May 22

Walking some treadmill hill intervals and reading after work to keep up my BibRave Run Streak before the Minnesota United game!

Thursday, May 23

3 miles ~ 35:09 ~ 11:41 min/mile

Another nice, cooler weather run after work! Calves still feel a little tight at points and still dealing with leg swelling but it's still feeling good to get in my miles.

Friday, May 24

Yoga after work, followed by propping my legs up right after for some relaxation and Vinnie cuddles.

Saturday, May 25

3 miles ~ 34:48 ~ 11:33 min/mile

Gorgeous morning for a run along the river!

Sunday, May 26

4 miles ~ 46:55 ~ 11:43 min/mile

A very sunny four miles this morning! My lungs are getting squished upward some so I decided to walk the last half a mile home.