June Goals

June is going to be a busy month! I’m finishing up my current position at my job (and will be moving to a position in a different department July 1), it’s my birthday month, Mike has a work trip and we have a couple of baby-related things on the calendar. So let’s get into how I’m doing with my goals in May and what my goals are for June.

May Goals

Weekly yoga

I’ve been doing prenatal yoga every Friday (plus incorporating some of these stretches into my cooldown post-workout) and it’s been helping me feel a lot better. One thing that has made this easier was opting for shorter (10-15 minute) Youtube videos

BibRave Strava streak

So far, I’ve been keeping up with my BibRave Strava Streak and I’ll be finishing it out on Friday! All but two of my days have been outside which meant May was a gorgeous month for walking and running. It’s also helped Vinnie since we are walking for at least 1.5 miles every morning so that he’s ready to nap while Mike and I are at work.

Getting organized for baby

Since I hit the third trimester, I feel like I’ve been nesting a lot more. We got the spare bedroom cleared out so we can start putting the nursery together in June and I’ve been on a finishing streak for my knitting projects. Plus, I’ve been wanting to clean random areas of the apartment that the clutter hadn’t bothered me before. Good thing I have some extra energy right now!

June Goals

Read 4 books

I got a little bit behind on my goal to read 36 books in 2019 so I’m making it a goal to read four books in June. Which should be easy since I’m over halfway through two books right now and have a third book in transit from the library. I just need to make some more time to read instead of mindlessly watching TV on the weekends (I’m almost caught up with Call the Midwife on Netflix already).

Continue weekly yoga

I want to keep making prenatal yoga a priority and the easiest way to do this is making it a goal. It will get even easier in June since I’m working from home most Fridays between increased midwife appointments and summer hours starting. So I’ll feel even less guilty about staying inside to do yoga instead of going outside since I’ll have more time to fit more in.

Start meal prepping

One big thing coming up on my to-do list is to start getting some meals prepped for that first couple of weeks after baby comes. Most of it will be things that will be easy to throw in the pressure cooker for lunch or dinner when we don’t have much brain power but I’d also like to prep oatmeal and smoothies.