April Running in Review

April was another great month of running for me, even with a return of winter weather! I ran my first 15K (see my Hot Chocolate 15K Minneapolis recap) and I had ZERO treadmill runs. I even ran in a tank top a couple of times. Let’s get into what else happened running-wise in April!

I once again changed up my intervals to 4 minutes running/30 seconds walking. Baby boy continues to grow and this makes running much more comfortable, especially on warmer days. I have needed to take extra walking breaks on the days we got into the upper 60s since I’m not used to warm weather running yet (and I’m running warmer than usual too).

I’ve also cut back my mileage post-Hot Chocolate 15K to about 14 miles per week (3 miles on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 5 miles on Sunday). This seems to be the sweet spot for mileage where I don’t get too worn out (although my soreness is increasing so I’m adding back in weekly prenatal yoga videos for May) and I don’t get uncomfortable while running. Because, again, baby boy is growing and his current spot to hang out is right on top of my bladder. Five miles is right around the spot where it starts getting uncomfortable with him sitting there and I need a restroom stop!

How was your April in running? Let me know in the comments.

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