Weekly Workout Report: April 29-May 5

One more week down, including a work trip down to Texas. I switched my workouts around so I wouldn’t be running down there (one less pair of shoes to pack) so instead I got some awesome Minnesota spring weather to run in. Let’s get into it!

Monday, April 29


Early morning weights and elliptical at the hotel gym before getting ready for the day. I've got a full day ahead of me!

Tuesday, April 30


Our day started earlier on the second day (and we were done at about 1 p.m.) so I just got in a 45-minute treadmill run as soon as I woke up to start off the day with a good amount of steps. Mike’s doing a step challenge at work and I knew it would make us super close in our weekly step challenge since he’s playing that to win!

Wednesday, May 1

3 miles ~ 34:07 ~ 11:20 min/mile

It feels so good to be back at home and running (even with the cooler temperatures)! Started off day one of the BibRave Run Streak with an awesome feeling run.

Thursday, May 2

3 miles ~ 34:08 ~ 11:20 min/mile

Gorgeous day for a run, low 50s with just enough sunshine. Even so, I'm glad tomorrow is an active rest day (with a walk to continue my BibRave Run Streak and prenatal yoga).

Friday, May 3

Easing back into a regular yoga routine after a month off. Just 10 minutes today but it felt so good! I had a great walk with Vinnie before and after work, including lots of rolling on our afternoon walk.

Saturday, May 4

3 miles ~ 36:35 ~ 12:10 min/mile


BibRave Run Streak Day 4 ✔️ Running in the afternoon when it was 70 might not have been the best choice but I got it done and I felt pretty good after! Just a couple extra walking breaks with the warm weather and some round ligament pain showing up at the end.

Sunday, May 5

5 miles ~ 57:37 ~ 11:32 min/mile

BibRave Run Streak Day 5 done! (even though my Garmin file is corrupt and not uploading the data 🤬) Much better feeling run today since I ran earlier and in cooler weather. Now to nap!

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