Oatmeal Runner Reviews....WIN Detergent

Disclaimer: I received my WIN Sports Detergent to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

We have a hamper just for workout gear in the Thiel household and it is full after a week! Not only do we have my running clothes (which is taking up less space now that I’m not piling on the layers to run outside) but Mike is taking advantage of our new gym membership. So I was super excited for the opportunity to try out WIN detergent!

I’ll admit, I’ve never used a detergent before that’s specifically made for sports gear. It has never crossed my mind that it could be useful so I just use our usual detergent for workout gear. But after using WIN detergent for a couple of weeks and learning more about why a sports specific detergent is useful, it is probably going to be a change we’ll be making.


So why I am I switching up which detergent I’m using for workout gear? For one, I can smell the difference between washing them with regular versus WIN detergent. Even after washing, sometimes my workout clothes would still have a little stink to them (especially if I worked out extra hard...or Mike just had a regular workout). But I haven’t noticed that at all with WIN detergent. Everything comes out smelling fresh and clean no matter how much sweat happens!

The second reason is that using a sports detergent actually helps workout gear last longer. Which is a big plus since I have invested a lot into my gear for running year-round in Minnesota. And I don’t want to replace everything just because it’s no longer wicking away sweat and moisture like it used to.

How does WIN keep workout gear lasting longer? It contains ingredients that separate the oils from the synthetic fibers, breaking the bond between the oil and the fibers. Because of this, the wicking properties of the fabric are restored to almost brand new.  Not only does your gear smell better, it works better. And because it works better and smells better, your clothes last longer. WIN for the money saving win!

Want to get some WIN for yourself? Go WINdetergent.com and enter "WIN4RAVE" at checkout to get 20% off any WIN Products through midnight PST on May 12!

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