May Fitness in Review

May saw the third trimester start for me and I’ve had to start cutting back my mileage once again. But I still worked out five days a week (plus yoga on Fridays), got in an average of 15,000 steps per day and finished off the BibRave Run Streak strong with at least a mile of running or walking every day in May!

May 2019 Mileage.jpg

One of the big reasons I’ve been cutting back my running is with the swelling in legs (due to being seven months pregnant and the increased temperatures) in addition to it taking a bit longer to feel recovered from my runs. Right now, I’m running two or three miles three times a week plus a four mile run on Sundays. My mileage goes up and down between weeks, depending on how it feels to run, but I’m glad to still be getting out there.

Plus, I’ve done a couple of runs on the indoor track at our gym which is going to be a great option for my post-work runs as it gets warmer outside. It’s a lot easier for me to run loops than on the treadmill (even though the track is 19 loops to a mile) and I usually get it to myself!


One other thing I’ve cutback in my fitness is how many strength training sessions I’m doing. I used to do two a week and now I’m doing one full body session a week. But I’ve started using kettlebells and I love it! It’s great all the equipment our gym has and I’ve really enjoyed mixing it up from the free weights. The kettlebells really get my heartrate up with the circuit I’m doing and I get a great full body workout in 20 or 30 minutes (depending on if I do three or four rounds).

Here’s the circuit I do after a 3 minute dynamic warmup with 12 reps per exercise and about a minute rest between rounds:

  • Kettlebell swings

  • Kettlebell squats

  • Overhead lifts

  • Lunge rows

  • Squat bicep curls

  • Sumo squat lifts

One thing I did increase in May was yoga and stretching! I did at least 10 minutes of yoga every Friday in May (check out my favorite prenatal yoga videos in a previous post) and I’ve been making sure to stretch after every single workout. Foam rolling has been cutdown post-workout just because the bump makes it hard to get into my tight spots.

How was your May in fitness? Let me know in the comments.

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