Weekly Workout Report: June 3-9

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Well, this week was pretty eventful and it meant I switched a run and my rest day around. Plus the heat had me inside for my weekday runs (we had our first 90-degree day in St. Paul). Let’s get into my workouts for the 31st week of pregnancy!

Monday, June 3

Took it easy at the gym today and skipped the strength training. My back was feeling stiff after a busy weekend (plus being 31 weeks pregnant) and low impact cardio plus extra stretching made it feel so much better!

Tuesday, June 4

2 miles ~ 23:40 ~ 11:50 min/mile


Heat (followed by thunderstorms) might have kept me on the indoor track but they didn't stop me from a first run with the Buff coolnet uv+®  headband!

It was super comfortable, even with my glasses andAftershokz Trekz Airs, and my head didn't feel as sweaty post-run. Can't wait to try it outside this weekend!

Wednesday, June 5

A quick workout session at the apartment gym for #GlobalRunningDay! 15 minutes walking hill intervals on the treadmill and 11 of a full body strength training circuit to keep me running strong through these next nine-ish weeks!

Thursday, June 6

I normally would have run on this day but I spent some time in the birth center for observation after I slipped and fell (not on my stomach) while walking Vinnie. Baby boy and I are just fine, I have a couple of scrapes on one leg and he was moving like crazy while they had me strapped up, but I decided to take it easy and do some yoga.

Friday, June 7

2 miles ~ 23:45 ~ 11:53 min/mile


Indoor track run because it's over 90 outside! Switched around my runs to make sure I was fully recovered after yesterday's fall and observation time in the birth center. It felt so good to run.

Saturday, June 8

3 miles ~35:27~ 11:48 min/mile

Running in a sunny 70 degrees while almost 32 weeks pregnant means a lot of sweat! Thankfully, the combination of Aftershokz Trekz Airs and a Buff coolnet uv+®  headband means I kept a little bit cooler.

Sunday, June 9

3.44 miles ~ 42:19 ~ 12:18 min/mile

Baby boy decided to settle his head close to my right hip around mile 3 and it became uncomfortable enough to stop my run just short of 3.5 miles. Luckily, walking didn't cause any pain so I walked the rest of the way home!

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