Oatmeal Runner Reviews... AfterShokz Trek Airs

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I’m a huge fan of Bluetooth headphones, both for running and in my everyday life. I keep a pair of wired headphones in my purse just in case my Bluetooth ones die on me unexpectedly but I rarely have to use them. But the one thing that’s tough with my headphones (whether Bluetooth or wired) is that I can’t easily hear what’s going on around me. Which might be great during the work day but when I’m out for a walk or run, especially now that I’m getting closer to my due date, it makes me feel less safe.

So I jumped at the chance to review AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones. Not only are they Bluetooth but they are bone-conducting so they sit outside of the ear and allow you to hear what’s going on around you without a problem. I was so amazed the first time I took them on a run and not only could I hear people and cars around me, but I could hear my Garmin loudly beep my intervals! With my old headphones, I either had to keep an eye on my watch (which meant taking them off the path and risking tripping) or I would just barely hear the beep.

As for the sound quality and comfort? I have nothing to complain about with either. Podcasts, audiobooks, and music all sound great and the only time I haven’t been able to hear something is when a train or semi-truck is going past. And they’ve fit comfortably (even with my glasses and wearing a hat or headband) with no bouncing while I run or slipping with sweat. Plus they are so light I forget I’m even wearing them.

Besides running and strength training, I’ve been using my Trekz Airs throughout my daily life including:

  • walks with Vinnie

  • meditation

  • work travel

  • grocery shopping

  • cooking

  • and so much more!

Because these headphones are so light, it’s easy to grab them and do anything I need to throughout the day without taking up much space in my purse. Plus the charge on them lasts a long time so I usually end up just charging them once a week even though I’m using them a ton.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of headphones, I highly recommend AfterShokz. You can’t beat the quality, versatility, and safety they provide. Plus, GET $50 OFF Adventure Bundle with code "BRBUNDLE"!