Weekly Workout Report June 10-16

Another busy week, including lots of meetings at work and my birthday! But I got in a gorgeous walk with Vinnie for my birthday and finished off the week feeling really good (although a little bit burnt after Sunday’s Twins game). Let’s get into it!

Monday, June 10


Four rounds of a kettlebell circuit followed by 20 minutes of walking hill intervals on the treadmill and I'm feeling awesome! Even after running three days in a row, it felt great to keep moving.

Tuesday, June 11

2 miles ~ 24:02 ~ 11:58 min/mile


Back outside for a run since it's not so hot this week! We had rain come through earlier so it felt pretty cool starting out even. Of course, that didn't last for long once I started running.

Legs are less swollen with the cooler temperatures and baby boy wasn't snuggling my hip which made for a much more comfortable run!

Wednesday, June 12

After a day full of meetings, a quick treadmill workout of hill intervals was just what I needed! Especially since I didn't get in my normal lunch walk.

Good thing tomorrow is a vacation day (plus the Twin Cities Nuunbassadors meetup)!

Thursday, June 13

2.71 miles ~ 30:14 ~ 11:11 min/mile

I'm on vacation for my birthday so Vinnie and I took a three mile walk this morning along the river! It was gorgeous this morning and Vinnie had the best time.

Later that day, I had a  speedier run than what I'm usually running at during the Twin Cities Nuunbassadors meetup! My legs are feeling the faster pace now but it felt great to get out for a run and a drink (sparkling lemonade for me)!

Friday, June 14

I was feeling pretty tired (plus had a busy morning with a midwife appointment) so I just focused on getting in my 10,000 steps for the day and doing some stretching throughout the day while working from home.

Saturday, June 15

2 miles ~ 23:31 ~ 11:44 min/mile

Treadmill run today since it was an 80% chance of thunderstorms and I didn't have time to get to the indoor track with the hospital tour this morning.

Of course, barely sprinkled during my run....

Sunday, June 16

4 miles ~ 49:17 ~ 12:18 min/mile

I haven't run around the lake in so long! Perfect weather for running this morning plus baby boy cooperated so I didn't have to suddenly cut it short.

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