June Favorites

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It’s officially summer (even though we’ve been slightly cooler than the beginning of June here in St. Paul)! Let’s get into four of my favorite things in June.

Vacation Time

Even though I’m about 7 weeks away from maternity leave (depending on how long baby boy decides to cook), I’ve been using some vacation time in June to relax and recharge. Of course, I took an entire day off for my birthday but it’s really been helpful to take a couple hours off here and there so I can get in a nap. Especially when Mike was on a work trip this past week. Just being able to nap for 45 minutes or so kept me going at the end of the week with everything I had to do at home!

Aftershokz Trekz Airs

These are my favorite Bluetooth headphones, especially on those really hot days we had earlier in the month. You can read my full review on why I love them but they are so lightweight that it’s easy to take them everywhere! Plus, since my ears aren’t covered, they didn’t get as sweaty as with other headphones.

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Baby Rolls

Baby boy has been growing a ton in June and that means less kicking and punching but more rolling! There are times were the bump gets turned into a wave pool because of how much he’s moving around. It’s the strangest feeling (especially he does a big side to side roll) but I know it’s something I’ll miss once he’s born. I won’t miss the middle of the night rolling when I’m trying to get back to sleep though!


I feel like I’m getting spoiled this month because I’m getting two professional massages! I already had my regular massage last week and Mike got me a pedicure and massage for my birthday (that’s happening on Sunday). Plus Mike’s been giving me back rubs before bed which really helps out with the day-to-day stiffness I’ve been feeling.

What were some of your favorite things in June? Let me know in the comments!

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