Weekly Workout Report June 17-23

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It was a busy week since Mike was gone Monday through Friday on a work trip so I was solo at home. My running got cutback as we got further into the week and it was exhausting but at least he’s at home now. Let’s get into it!

Monday, June 17


Even cross training days feel a little bit cooler with my Buff headband! And that's perfect since I feel like a little heater right now 😂

Two rounds of a kettlebell circuit (plus warm up and cool down time) since my legs were feeling sore from yesterday's miles, followed by 30 minutes of walking hill intervals on the treadmill. Great way to start off the week!

Tuesday, June 18

2 miles ~ 24:51 ~ 12:22 min/mile

Two miles at 33 weeks, slowing down a little bit but I'm thankful to still be running! Sore legs on the run which was a good reminder to wear my compression socks more often after work.

Wednesday, June 19

A quick session on the elliptical after work, followed by a walk with Vinnie. I was so tired by the end of this day, the extra time on my feet every day doing the things Mike has been helping out with was taking a toll on me.

Thursday, June 20

1 mile ~ 12:00 min/mile

One mile today was just perfect. Got in some movement without overtaxing my body, plus I got in a quick nap after. I'm so glad Mike will be home tomorrow night because it's exhausting doing everything while pregnant!

Friday, June 21

Happy International Day of Yoga! Since I'm working from home, I started out my work day with 20 minutes of prenatal yoga. It felt good to get the kinks worked out before sitting down to work.

Saturday, June 22

3 miles ~ 36:12 ~ 12:03 min/mile

Gorgeous morning to get in some miles before heading to Interstate State Park for the day! We met up with my family and got in a three-mile hike since it was a gorgeous day.

Sunday, June 23

2.75 miles ~ 34:44 ~ 12:38 min/mile

Taking it nice and easy this morning after yesterday's run and hike! But I got in a good feeling run between the storms and now I get a relaxing pedicure and massage 😍