Four Tips for Race Travel

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Are you traveling for a race this summer? Check out my four top tips to make sure race day (and your trip) goes smoothly!

Make a packing list

There’s nothing worse than getting somewhere and realizing you forgot a key item at home. I always make a list when packing for a trip and it makes sure that I don’t forget anything (and that I bring enough clothing). I use Google Keep for all my list making because it’s easy to check off items as I pack them and see what I still need to gather.

Get in a shake-out run

Whether you are flying or driving, it will feel great to get in a pre-race shakeout run at your destination. Not only can you get a feeling for what running the race might feel like (especially if you can get it in on course) but your legs will thank you after traveling. Just make sure to get in some extra stretching and foam rolling after!

BYOF (bring your own food)

Don’t count on the hotel to have what you want to eat for race morning breakfast (or that they’ll have food out super early in the morning). Pack a cooler instead or pick up food at a local grocery store to make sure you are fueled on race morning. My favorite thing to make is overnight oats since I can eat them cold or heat them up if a microwave is available!

Plan out race morning

It always helps to know where you are going and how you are getting there on race day. But if you are traveling for a race, it also helps to leave more of a buffer so you can find parking or race start when you aren’t familiar with the area. Plus it gives you some extra time to collect your thoughts pre-race!

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What are your best tips for race travel? Leave them in the comments!

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