My Favorite Forms of Self Care During Pregnancy

The last seven months have been stressful on and off as pregnancy has brought a lot of changes into my life that sometimes leaves me mentally and physically exhausted. Because of this, making time for extra self care between work, everyday life and getting ready for baby boy has been really important to keep my stress levels down and help me recharge. So here’s my four of my favorite forms of self care during this pregnancy!


Especially in the first trimester, naps were a lifesaver because I was so exhausted by the end of the day otherwise. It got better about midway through the second trimester so I wasn’t needing to take a post-work nap but I still enjoy my naps. I try to get in an hour or two in each weekend day and (especially if we are busy) I can tell my energy levels just crash and I get very emotional.


I’ve brought back yoga both as a regular weekly session and post-workout in the third trimester and it helps me relax so much. Plus it has really been helping with my aches and pains as the bump gets bigger (and baby boy is moving a ton more). Check out some of my favorite prenatal yoga videos in a recent post!

Staying active

This isn’t just getting in my regular workouts (although those help a lot too) but just staying lightly active throughout the day. I aim to get in 10,000 steps each day without my workouts (which is so much easier since Vinnie is loving long walks in the morning) and it helps to get me outside in the sunshine. And it helps me to clear my mind and enjoy time with Vinnie before our lives turn upside down when baby boy comes.


This is one thing I’m really trying to incorporate more deliberately every day. With everything going on, I feel the need to constantly go all day long which drains me. So I try to spend some time each night with my feet propped up and some knitting while Mike and I watch TV and not be constantly looking at my phone and scrolling.